M.S. Candidate in Computer Science and Technology (Machine Intelligence)
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
Peking University
2016-2019 (expected)
B.Eng. in Computer Science and Technology (Minor in Biological Science)
Chu Kochen Honors College (Mixed Class)
Zhejiang University

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I am a master-degree student majoring in Machine Intelligence at Peking University, China. I am interested in the foreland fields of computer science including machine learning, deep learning and complex network analysis. I am also interested in biology (expecially zoology and ecology related), psychology and math (maching learning needs a lot of math knowledge!).



  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Network Analysis
  • Biological Science (my minor subject at Zhejiang University)
  • Algorithm Design

Programming language

  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Traditional programming language: C/C++/Java/Pascal
  • Web related: PHP/CSS/JS/HTML/SQL


  • Linux (with bash)
  • Git
  • $\LaTeX$ (prefer TeX live with TeXstudio)
  • TensorFlow
  • Theano (with Keras)
  • to be continued…


  • Outstanding Winner, 2015 Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling (2015.4)
  • First Prize of Undergraduate Group, 2014 Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (2014.12)
  • Gold Medal & Best Experimental Measurement Approach, Asia, 2013 International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (2013.10)
  • First Prize, 2011 National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (2011.12)


Free time activities

  • Software Development
    • Course Management System of Student Association of Zhejiang University
      • An online multi-user course management system that provides functions including course & students management, course info inquery, course choosing and so on.
      • Designed for students in Zhejiang University to choose courses (with “second-classroom credit”) offered by clubs and student associations in ZJU.
      • Independent work commissioned by ZJUSAC, currently running Here.
    • Wilddream Platform (beta)
      • An easy-to-use online multi-user art gallery system with multi-language support (including Chinese!), developed by PHP (with ThinkPHP framework), MySQL, HTML, CSS (with Bootstrap), Javascript (with JQuery), etc.
      • Independent work, currently running on WildDream Art.
      • More info here and here.
  • Animal Related
  • Others
    • Amateur radio station operator (HAM), Radio Callsign: BH5HDS (with level B operation license by CRAC).
    • Patroller & executive editor of Chinese Wikipedia, interested in creating & editing animal related articles. Userpage (in Chinese), Userpage (in English).



  • xihanli AT pku dot edu dot cn (replace AT by @, dot by .)
  • xihanli316 AT gmail dot com (replace AT by @, dot by .)