Xihan Li

Key Laboratory of Machine Perception (Ministry of Education)

School of EECS, Peking University

Email: xihanli at pku dot edu dot cn

Short Bio

I am a third year M.S. student in Key Laboratory of Machine Perception, School of EECS, Peking University, advised by Prof. Yunhai Tong. Meanwhile, I am a Google Developers Expert in Machine Learning, as well as a research intern in Machine Learning Group, Microsoft Research Asia. Prior to PKU, I received my B.Eng. degree of Computer Science with minor certificate of Biological Science from Zhejiang University, working with Prof. Xiaogang Jin. I was a member of Chu Kochen Honors College (Mixed Class).

My research interests lie on machine learning, network mining, reinforcement learning and natural language processing, with their application on real-world challanges. Networks (Graphs) appeal to me by its generalization and universality, and I am also amazed by the emerging fields of ML such as deep reinforcement learning and recurrent neural network. Currently, my research focuses on network optimization with machine learning, working on applying newly developed ML methods, especially deep reinforcement learning, to exploit characteristic of networks in real world, which can be complex and dynamic, thus developing effective techniques to solve realistic problems on these networks.

What’s New